SSI Open Water Diver Course in Lanzarote

Your diving adventure starts here with the SSI Open Water course

Get your certification to dive and explore all of the world’s oceans! Learning to dive is so much fun! During the Open Water course, you will learn all the skills you need to dive safely and independently, and always with a partner.

With small groups (maximum 3 per instructor) and personalised attention. A safe and super experience for the whole family.

Discounts and offers: If there are more than 1 of you for the activity, ask for your personalized price!!!

Top quality Cressi diving equipment. Free GoPro videos of your dive. Book now and experience the magic of diving in Lanzarote!

SSI Open Water

New groups every Monday and Wednesday.

Dive Safely

You’ll learn to be a safe and autonomous diver.

Dive from the boat

You’ll learn to dive from the shore and from a boat.

Diving Holidays

Prepare to start diving the seven seas!

This is an introductory diving course which includes some theory, 6 groups of confined water exercises and 4 open water dives. After completing your Open Water course, you will be able to dive to a depth of 18 metres with a dive buddy. You will receive a digital SSI Open Water Diver certification card that is valid internationally and is your passport to a new life. Our SSI Instructors teach the Open Water course in small groups, so we can personalise your progress, receive all the attention you need, and be able to train as much as necessary. This is how we ensure that you become a safe and competent SSI Open Water diver! Do you want to do the course with 2 or more people? Ask about a discount!

1 Online Theory: from your home at your speed

With the SSI APP, learning to dive has never been easier! Our diving app gives you the opportunity to complete 6 chapters online before arriving in Lanzarote, so when you arrive you just have to go into the water! You ensure that you are fully prepared and equipped with basic diving skills. Learn how to properly use the equipment, follow safety rules, and learn everything you need to know in case of emergency. Become a safe diver and experience the amazing ocean ecosystem like you’ve never done before! Dive in with SSI!

2 Confined Waters: Skills Training

During confined water exercises, your instructor will teach you the basics of setting up equipment, breathing underwater, having perfect buoyancy, and problem-solving. You will master the use of the computer and the surface buoy. We will teach you how to dive with total safety and control. We do these practice sessions in the natural bay of Playa Chica, an authentic natural pool.

We will take the time necessary for you to feel comfortable performing all the exercises.

We can do all the exercises in 3 confined water dives.

3 Open Waters: Let’s dive for real!

And now we move on to the sea proper, to the open waters outside of Playa Chica. Let’s start exploring the impressive Atlantic Ocean in the waters of Lanzarote. We are going to leave the safety of the natural pool to enter the open ocean. The real adventure begins now.

In these 4 dives, you will repeat some of the skills learned in confined waters and begin to explore the wonders of the underwater world.

We will do the first 2 dives down to a depth of 12 metres and the final 2 to a depth of 18 metres, these will take place from our boat, the Maresía 1.

What's included in the course?

Open Water SSI

3 day course to a depth of 18 metres
  • Photos included
  • Minimum age - 10 years
  • 7 training dives

SSI Scuba Diver Course

2 day course to a depth of 10 metres
  • Photos included
  • Minimum age - 10 years
  • 4 training dives

SSI Scuba Diver: If you don’t want to complete the full Open Water Diver course

If you can’t stay 3 days, you don’t have time, you don’t have the budget, or you just want to go little by little, you can do the SSI Scuba Diver course.

  • 3 theory sessions
  • 3 groups of confined water exercises
  • 2 open water dives up to 12 meters
  • Qualification up to 12 metres, always accompanied by a PRO.

Any questions? Ask us!