SSI Advanced Adventurer Course in Lanzarote

Dive deeper, explore wrecks, dive at night, improve your buoyancy, learn underwater navigation or dive in currents.  All this, and much more that you can experiment with during this SSI Advanced Adventurer course in Lanzarote with Atlantis.  You can complete this course after gaining your Open Water Diver certification.

With small groups (maximum 3 students per instructor) you’re guaranteed to get personalised attention.  Safe and great for all the family (with Open Water Diver certification).

Discounts for more than one student: If you’re planning to do the course as a group, ask for your personalised price.

We only use top-quality CRESSI equipment.  We’ll make GoPro videos of your dives – free of charge.  Book now.


Improve your positioning, finning, breathing and trim under the water.  The “before and after” of your diving life.


Finding the boat, learn to use a compass and how to navigate with a torch.


Learn everything that you need to know to dive safely to a depth of 30 metres.

Fish Identification or Night Diving

Choose between night diving or fish identification.

Wrecks or NITROX

Choose between learning the fundamentals of diving with Nitrox or wreck diving.

Dive 1 – Perfect Buoyancy

Are you ready to take a giant step in your diving skills? We will start the course with this buoyancy dive. Buoyancy is the most important skill for diving. With the Perfect Buoyancy speciality dive, you will learn, through many steps, to breathe properly, to understand the power of your lungs in buoyancy, to fin correctly, to have a proper diving position, to use the correct ballast, to use your BCD correctly and ballast yourself appropriately. With this, you will achieve better diving buoyancy, reduce your air consumption and have greater respect for the seabed.

Dive 2: Underwater Navigation

Have you ever wondered how we instructors always find the boat at the end of the dive? In this Underwater Navigation immersion we are going to help you orient yourself underwater, we are going to teach you to read the compass, to draw reciprocal headings, to orient yourself with natural orientation and to understand the basic concepts so that you never feel lost underwater again. .

Navigation skills are very important to be a safe and independent diver.

Dive 3: Deep

On your second day of the SSI Advanced Adventurer course, we will go below 18 metres depth for the first time. We will dive in some of the most spectacular dives in Puerto del Carmen, descending with your instructor slowly to 30 metres.

In this dive, we will test our buoyancy, air consumption and position. We will take into account;  pressure, computer control, depth stop, safety stop and use of the surface buoy. This is the dive that we all like the most about the course!!!

Dive 4: Choose between Fish Identification or Night Diving 

You choose! We give you the choice between two fun options.

Dive 5: Choose between Wreck Diving or Nitrox

You choose!

We give you the choice between 2 important options for your future as a diver:

Important information about the course

Day 1 of the course:

09:00 Dive 1: Perfect Buoyancy
11:00 Dive 2: Underwater navigation
13:00 FREE Dive: Free dive from our boat

Day 2 of the course:

09:00 Dive 3: Deep
11:00 Dive 4: Wrecks or Nitrox
13:00 Dive 5: Fish Identification or 18:00 Night

What’s included in the course?

If you want to change any of the speciality dives, or the schedule (do it in 3 days instead of 2) whatever you need… contact us!

Advanced Adventurer

Start your adventures
  • 5 Speciality dives plus one extra dive free

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