SSI Nitrox Online Course


SSI Nitrox Online Course

Do the theory in the SSI App or on the SSI web site followed by virtual classes with your Instructors at Atlantis Diving Lanzarote.

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Curso Nitrox Lanzarote Online SSI

Do you want more bottom time?

The SSI Enriched Air Diver (Nitrox) course is the most popular speciality diving course in the world. Why? Because once you have already started to make bubbles, once you are already passionate about diving, once you have already become crazy about diving, … now you want more: more bottom time, more and longer dives, less surface time between dives.

Diving with Nitrox enriched air gives you more time bottom time before reaching the no-decompression limit, especially on successive dives.  If being underwater longer and being able to go back to diving earlier sounds attractive, then don’t hesitate to become a diver with enriched air with our Nitrox course in Lanzarote.  If you are an SSI Open Water Diver you can sign up for the Enriched Air Nitrox Diver Speciality course (or you can even add this speciality while you are doing your Open Water Diver course.

Your Nitrox Course in Lanzarote

Start your Nitrox course in Lanzarote now (although you don’t have to be in Lanzarote to start the course), but you can start with your Atlantis instructors with online theory via the SSI App or from the SSI web portal. Once you have finished the theory, start your virtual classes with your instructor through the ZOOM platform. Atlantis offers you more than anyone, 3 classes of approximately 2 hours to be able to fully master the use of Nitrox. Then, once we have reviewed all the theory, you can take the online exam and certify directly.

The Enriched Air Nitrox course will teach you the benefits of diving with nitrox enriched air, how to plan and dive safely with mixtures of air enriched up to 40% oxygen, and you will receive SSI Enriched Air Nitrox certification for mixes up to 40% after completing this course.

Do just think about it, sign up right now!

Practice Dives

If you want to practice your new skills with us when you come to Lanzarote, book your Nitrox dive with us. We’ll be happy to put into practice all that knowledge that we learned online!

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