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Visit the Atlantic Museum




Treat yourself: 

If you’ve never dived before but you’d like to see the Atlantic Museum then this is the ideal experience for you!  Now you can visit the Museo Atlántico, the only one of its kind in Europe, and there are only three museums of this kind in the world.


Treat a friend or loved one:

This unique experience has got to be the ultimate present.  Visiting the museum that everyone is talking about!


Try Discover Museum:

Discover the joys of scuba-diving and see the famous museum at the same time.  We’ll prepare you for this ultimate adventure to discover the magic of the underwater statues in three sessions:

  • 1st dive in confined waters: down to a maximum of 6 metres where we’ll teach you the basics of scuba-diving.
  • 2nd dive in open waters: in the open sea down to a maximum of 12 metres where we’ll teach you about buoyancy (weightlessness under water)
  • 3rd dive at the Museum: down to a maximum of 14 metres with the skills that you’ve learned in sessions 1 and 2 you’ll now be able to enjoy the magic of the work of Jason de Caires Taylor.



  • 1 Instructor for each 2 participants
  • 3 dives
  • boat fees for visiting the Museo Atlántico
  • entrance fee to the Museo Atlántico
  • dive insurance
  • all equipment
  • transport to and from Playa Blanca
  • pictures of your dive
  • certificate of visit





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