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SSI Perfect Buoyancy Speciality

Good buoyancy control will make you feel like a fish in the water

flotabilidad To be able to move comfortably in the water and enjoy your dives even more, it is essential to have a good control of your buoyancy.
The Perfect Buoyancy speciality is a course that every diver should follow because in only 2 dives and a little theory, you will notice a big improvement in the water.
During the course, you will learn to increase your buoyancy control, decrease your air consumption, and move effortlessly above the ocean floor.
During the 2 dives, your instructor will teach you the skills and techniques necessary to maximize your diving experience, increase your comfort in the water and get the most out of your equipment. If you want to learn to have better control of your buoyancy, you just have to enroll in the course.


Contents of the perfect buoyancy speciality course:

  • Your buoyancy control system
  • The concept of buoyancy
  • The control of perfect buoyancy
  • Diving and your responsability for the environment

The main objective of any SSI Speciality course is to teach you the most important techniques in a fun environment. All courses are taught with theoretical classes and training in water


  • 10 years old
  • Open Water Diver
  • Valid Dive Medical less than 12 months old


  • 2 dives

Price: 150 €


Atlantis Diving Lanzarote | Speciality – Perfect Buoyancy
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