Snorkelling by boat in Lanzarote


Snorkelling in Lanzarote is the best way to start your underwater adventures. It is your opportunity to explore a new and fascinating world. Suitable for all ages, snorkelling gives you both action and relaxation – everything you’re looking for.  Minimum, 4 people!

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The best Snorkelling experience in Lanzarote can only be from our boat, the Maresía I.  Accompanied by our certified SSI Snorkel Instructors, you can enjoy some of the hidden corners of the Ajaches coastline of Puerto del Carmen. Virgin coves, where we can observe the typical flora and fauna of the Atlantic Ocean, and specifically of the Macaronesian area.

During the boat tour, we will enjoy a different view of the typical coves and fishing villages that our coastline offers: some of our favourite sites to snorkel are the Risco del Quíquere, the volcanic rocks of Punta Tiñosa, Playa del Pozo (this is one of the sites that can only be reached by boat), Playa Quemada and Punta Gorda (there is a map of most of the dive spots in Lanzarote available to download from our Dive Spots page).  From the wonderful landscapes of the coast of Lanzarote, if we’re lucky, we might see a turtle on the surface of the water or some dolphins might join us as we return to Puerto Calero in the boat!

We will explain the terrestrial and aquatic environment and the species of animals that can be found in the area.  Once in the water, you will be accompanied by a monitor who will teach you the correct way to use the equipment and they will ensure your safety and that you enjoy the experience to the full.

We will teach you about the native fish families that inhabit our coastline from the greenfish to the barracuda, rays, and even the angel shark and some that are not fish, such as Octopuses, cuttlefish or nudibranchs. and we will teach you how to identify and recognise them easily.

We also include drinks and snacks so you don’t miss anything!  The price includes all the equipment necessary to carry out the activity, diving insurance, an instructor, a certificate of participation and a souvenir photograph.

Cressi snorkelling equipment provided:

  • Mask
  • Snorkel tube
  • Fins
  • Wetsuit
  • Weight belt


Monday to Saturday at 15:00 hrs


Minimum group size, 4 persons.


How your activity is organised:

  • Arrive at the dive centre at the agreed time (usually at 14:30 for the snorkel trip).
  • Theory session, equipment operation, behaviour in the water and safety regulations.
  • A brief explanation of the operating rules of the dive centre and assembly of your equipment with your instructor.
  • We take you to Puerto Calero and embark on the Maresía I with our skipper.
  • We will then navigate to our snorkelling spot accompanied by your instructor.
  • 2 hours of enjoyment in the water.
  • Return to Puerto Calero in the boat.
  • Return to the dive centre and collect your diploma.


NONE: Everyone can Snorkel, from the young to the old.  It’s the perfect aquatic activity for all the family.



Here’s a video from SSI of some snorkellers enjoying a trip.

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