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The Science of Diving course is a theory course completed online which will give you the knowledge to truly understand Diving.

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Curso Open Water Diver Lanzarote

Earning your Open Water Diver certification opens up a whole new underwater world, full of opportunities to learn about physics, physiology and chemistry, and how they affect the human body during diving. Your education does not have to end with your Open Water certification. The training provided in your Science of Diving course increases your understanding of these topics and provides you with additional information about decompression theory, and the components of your Total Diving System and its accessories.

Good divers are always learning. Our goal is to improve your knowledge of the aquatic environment and the sport of recreational diving and to ensure that you enjoy every aspect of your diving experience.

What is the SSI Diving Science Course?

It is a course where you will learn the basic foundations of the Theory of Diving. It will cover the five main topics in the world of recreational diving:

  • Physics
  • Physiology
  • Theory of Decompression
  • Equipment Techniques, and
  • The Aquatic Environment.

The course is completely online with a minimum of 5 online seminars with your instructor.  Once you have finished reading the course materials on the SSI App and attended the 5 online classes you can take the exam, which is also online.

Once that the final exam has been completed, we will certify you for your Science of Diving speciality.  Remember that this course is essential when you decide to take other courses, such as the entire range of eXtended Range courses, such as XR Nitrox, and of course for all PRO courses, such as your Divemaster course with AtlantisPRO.

Go one step further in your knowledge of the underwater world and the Ocean. If what you want is to #liveyourdream and become a PRO diver, this is the first step to take …

We are waiting for you!

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