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Marine Ecology:

This programme provides a general understanding of the complex and exciting study of ecological ecosystems. Perfect to help understand how they evolve and how we are destroying them.

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With the Atlantis Lanzarote SSI Online Marine Ecology course, you will be able to fill a gap in your knowledge of the seabed.

On our diving trips, we are used to seeing thousands of different kinds of marine life and, in the tropical areas that we divers visit, we can marvel at these wonders: Maldives, Red Sea, Philippines, Polynesia, Caribbean, Indonesia, South Africa, even in Lanzarote we have so much marine life that gives us so much pleasure when we submerge.

This is the time to get started with your online Marine Ecology course. Our instructors are going to have a lot of fun teaching in our online classes using photos and videos of Lanzarote and the trips that Atlantis Diving Lanzarote have done, and are still doing around the world. Of course, we’d also love to see you afterwards to do some dives to be able to practice your new-found knowledge!

What do we learn in the Online Marine Ecology course?

You’ll learn how ocean organisms interact with each other and their environments, how energy flows through communities and the links between different ocean ecosystems. With your newfound knowledge, you’ll appreciate the marine life you dive with even more. Upon completion of this course, you’ll earn the SSI Marine Ecology Speciality certification.

How is the course organised?

  • Read your course in the SSI App or on the DiveSSI web site
  • Watch the videos that your Atlantis Diving Lanzarote instructors have prepared
  • Participate in the 2 online classes (approximately 2 hours per class) through the ZOOM PRO platform, so that you can interact with your instructor
  • We will learn about the interactions between species and their importance in the marine ecosystem
  • Finally, there is an online exam
  • Get your certification and your digital diploma!

This is a great course to prepare you for any of our forthcoming diving trips: Red Sea, Maldives, South Africa, etc.

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