Freediving Level 3 course in Lanzarote


Learn the techniques of a freediving world record holder in the SSI Freediving Level 3 program. The ultimate in freediving training, this program will give you the advanced freediving skills and knowledge you need to dive up to 40 meters deep with a buddy.

Earn this coveted SSI freediving certification today and prepare for your ultimate freediving goals.



Get closer to making your ultimate freediving goals a reality with the SSI Freediving Level 3 certification program. This is the highest level of freediving training and will help you discover your true potential as a freediver.

Using an in-depth combination of online learning and freediving sessions, you will maximize your skills and learn the techniques freediving world record holders use.


  • Age – 18 years
  • Know how to swim
  • Freediving Level 2
  • 30 recorded apnea dives


  • 4 academic sessions
  • 2 confined water sessions
  • 5 open water sessions

Maximum depth of formation:

  • 40 meters


  • 32-40 hours