Freediving Level 2 course in Lanzarote


Ready to take your freediving to the next level? Increase your average breath-hold, improve your freediving efficiency, and take yourself to greater depths.

Learn exciting new breath-holding techniques with the SSI Freediving Level 2 program.



Many freedivers share a passion for deeper freediving. The SSI Freediving Level 2 programme will teach you everything you need to know to increase your average breath-hold time by advancing your breath-holding techniques.

Freediving Level 2 teaches you the concept of efficiency when freediving, making your body stronger and more effective in the water. Discover the exciting freefall and Frenzel techniques, refine buddy system skills, and more.

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  • Age – 15 years
  • Know how to swim
  • Freediving Level 1
  • 6 recorded apnea dives


  • 3 academic sessions
  • 2 confined water sessions
  • 4 open water sessions

Maximum depth during training:

  • 30 metres


  • 24-30 hours