First Aid Course (SSI React Right)


First Aid Course

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An indispensable tool for unexpected emergencies. React Right is the SSI Emergency Training course. Learn the “how to” about First Aid, CPR, External Automatic Defibrillator and Oxygen Administration in diving emergencies as well as emergency assessment so that any emergency situation can be assessed correctly.

Taking a React Right course will increase your safety and comfort when diving significantly. SSI and other Training Agencies also require a valid First Aid Certificate and CPR as a prerequisite for Stress & Rescue Diver certification.

The React Right student kit includes a field reference guide that will help you learn all theoretical knowledge easily. A React Right Instructor will guide you through practical exercises.

Course content:

  • Primary Evaluation
  • First Aid and CPR exercises
  • Primary Stabilisation Techniques
  • Oxygen Administration in Diving Emergencies
  • Basics of External Automatic Defibrillation


  • 10 years old


  • 2 days

What’s included:

  • Course
  • Course teaching material
  • Certification
  • Diploma