Extended Range Nitrox Diving Course in Lanzarote


Are you looking to extend your range?

Do you want a little more bottom time and to achieve it safely?

Has that “deep blue” amazed you and you want to stay a little longer?

This XR Nitrox program provides you with the knowledge and experience necessary to independently plan and perform limited decompression dives of up to 15 minutes at a maximum depth of 40 meters, using nitrox mixtures up to 50%.

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This entry-level course introduces you to the techniques and skills of Extended Range training and can be done using the standard equipment configuration of a single bottle and with your own recreational diving equipment.

This is the gateway to technical courses which, if you like them, you can continue moving forward.

A magnificent course where you will learn to plan your dives with decompression, and you can enjoy the “a little more time” down there.


What’s Included:

  • Student manual in a digital format with integrated videos.
  • Bottles of air, gases and weights.

Not included:

  • Candidate diving equipment
  • Diving medical certificate
  • Accommodation

Maximum capacity for the course: 4 students


The course lasts 4 full days. We always reserve a fifth day in case we have to retake an exam or repeat a dive.

The number of classes, schedules and sessions per day is established by your Instructor, depending on the needs and capacity of the class and the prevailing conditions of the sea.

Day 1: Theory Review, V-Planner and Workshop for diving equipment assembly. Final theory exam.

Day 2: Confined Water dive in a heated indoor pool (minimum 2 hours) and 1 dive in Open Water with decompression drills (from the shore).

Day 3: Two real decompression dives with GASDECO EAN 32% (from our boat).

Day 4: Two real decompression dives with GASDECO EAN 50% (from our boat).

Issue of Diplomas.


  • Be a minimum of 18 years old
  • Have completed the Nitrox 40% speciality course
  • Have completed the SSI Deep Diver speciality course
  • Have a minimum of 24 logged dives
  • Have read and studied the entire theory programme -> You will not be able to take part in the course if this requirement has not been met, and you will lose the right to a refund for the course.