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Lanzarote is an island which you will fall in love with.  A special place to appreciate the interaction between people and nature. First-time visitors to Lanzarote are struck by the harmony of its rural surroundings and its spectacular arid, semi-desert beautiful and dramatic landscapes.  In addition to the richness of the island’s landscapes above water, another island hides under the water, a submerged island full of colour and life.  In our waters we have the opportunity to enjoy the majesty of animals such as groupers, turtles, mantas, dolphins and even baleen and sperm whales.

The shallow bottoms harbor hundreds of species that are difficult to distinguish in the first dive due to their variety.  A large number of small animals inhabit the underwater landscapes of Lanzarote, many of them difficult for divers to see on other islands such as the Canarian star, the orange coral, the “romero capitán” (ballan wrasse) or the shrimps that hide in the numerous submerged caverns of the island.

The underwater topography is characterised by its volcanic origin determining a unique landscape variety within the Canary Islands. Deep submarine cliffs, which drop to depths of below 200 metres quite close to the coast or extensive platforms between islands that make the dives in Lanzarote very diverse. Caves, arches, veriles (submarine cliffs), drop-offs, sunken ships, artificial reefs, volcanic tubes, encounters with large animals, deep coral forests and diving with sharks, everything is possible in Lanzarote!

As in the rest of the Canary Islands our waters are full of life but lack really dangerous species unlike other destinations. In the Canary Islands, marine species are characterized by being calm and at the same time very elusive, so encounters with angel sharks, big groupers or hammerhead sharks require a bit of luck and not a reason to be afraid. Common sense, prudence, respect and information are the secret of safe dives.  Our objective is to promote responsible diving that is committed to conserving the environment and contributes to improve it.

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We generally do 2 dives in the morning, and one dive in the afternoon, all from our boat. We’re open 11 months a year, 7 days a week and you can check our price list here.


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