How we dive safely at Atlantis Diving Lanzarote

Diving in Lanzarote

Now that the government have removed many of the restrictions put in place in 2020 to mitigate the spread of COVID19, we have revised the measures that we take in our dive centre to take this into account.

Your safety is always our priority and we support common sense measures to reduce the risk of infections.


All dive equipment is washed and disinfected after use. This is something that we were doing prior to COVID19 and will continue to do going forward. We use the disinfectants recommended by the Ministry of Health for all equipment in the dive centre.


We will still supply hydroalcoholic gel in the dive centre and on our transport for people to disinfect their hands. In the dive centre, we have soap and hot water available for regular handwashing to help reduce any infection spread.


We advise that maintaining a safe distance (1.5 metres) where possible will help to reduce infection spread.


The requirement for people to wear face masks to reduce the spread of infection has now been lifted (with some exceptions for hospitals/senior citizens residences and public transport) we’re happy to support those that continue to wear them.

Can I rent dive gear?

Yes, you can rent dive gear from us. We don’t rent tanks or any equipment to carry out activities unless it is with our own experienced guides.

All dive equipment is washed and disinfected after use. We use the disinfectants recommended by the Spanish Government.

Things you need to know before coming to Atlantis Diving Lanzarote

At Atlantis, we strive to make all of our divers feel at home and are guided on all certified dives in Lanzarote.

We ask for your collaboration in complying with security measures and keep our sport safe and enjoyable.